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Minimum Age:  To maintain a 55+ resort, Meridian RV Resort conforms to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1988, maintaining that if the Resort demonstratively (80%) caters to persons 55 and older, it will maintain senior status.  The minimum age of secondary residents is 45.

Seasons:  The Winter Season is October 1st – April 15th, with access to all resort amenities. During the Summer Season, the pool remains open, the Fitness room is available during posted hours, mail is distributed and the Clubhouse WiFi is active. Trash service is available in designated locations only. All other amenities are closed during the Summer Season.

Arrival & Departure:  All residents must check-in at the Office upon arrival. A resort representative is REQUIRED to direct resident to the site and be present while resident parks the RV.

We do not park RVs after dusk. If arriving after dusk, park in the Overnight Parking area along the painted white curb on the Resort drive. Generators are not permitted to run, and hookups are not provided in Overnight Parking.

Resident relinquishes the site back to the Resort when checking out prior to the departure date, and unused rents are forfeited.

Are you bringing a utility trailer with you?  We provide a limited number of storage spots for utility trailers, so be sure to mention if you require storage when making your reservation. Storage trailers are not permitted to park at sites.  

Reservations & Cancellation Policy:  Rates are double occupancy, maximum two age-qualified residents.  Persons under the age of 45 are not permitted to check in at the Resort.

Daily and Weekly reservations are paid in full at time of booking and are nonrefundable if cancelled. Monthly and longer reservations booked within 60-days of the start date are paid in full when booked and are nonrefundable if cancelled.  Guest suite reservations are paid in full at time of booking and are nonrefundable if cancelled.

Reservations for 1 month and longer that are booked more than 61-days from the start date require a $250 deposit – $200 is refundable when written notice is received at the Office at least 60-days prior to the start date. All other payments are non-refundable. 

We will happily reschedule the start date one time during the same season, based on site availability. Without notification, reservations are considered a “no show” at the end of the 3rd day after the start date – the entire deposit is forfeited, and the site is reassigned.

Annual 12 Month reservations require Advanced Rent that is later credited toward specified monthly payments during the Rental Agreement Term.  Advanced Rent is forfeited if Rental Agreement is terminated early.

Sites are guaranteed for reservations lasting 5 months and longer. All other reservations are subject to site change up to time of arrival, at Management discretion.

When extending a Weekly reservation to a Monthly stay, the weekly rate is applied to the extension to cover utilities and electricity charges.

All reservations require a credit card on file for incidental charges and unpaid balances. When paying the balance due with a credit card, a 3.5% processing fee is charged.  Deposits and full payments do not incur the processing fee.

Full payment is due on the reservation start date. Annual residents may pay at check-in if arriving within 5 days of start date. We accept cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard. If payment has not been received within 5 days of start date, a $50 late fee is added to the balance, with an additional charge of $5/day. If payment is not received within 10 days of the start date, the reservation will be cancelled. Contact the Office for more information about fees. If you plan to leave the Resort for longer than 30 days, please notify the Office. After 30 days vacant, without notification, the site will be considered relinquished back to the Resort and unused rents are forfeited – no exceptions.

Electric Service:  Daily and Weekly rates include electricity. Monthly and longer residents must contact SRP (602.236.8888) to connect service at your site. When providing the service address, use 1901 S. Meridian DRIVE (not Road), and the site number. The Resort does not provide 30- or 50-amp adapters, so bring them along just in case.  Residents are not permitted to install locks on Electrical Pedestal boxes, but can wrap a cable lock around the pedestal to secure a surge protector.

Guests & Visitors:  A visitor stays for the day. Visitor parking is available at the front of the Clubhouse. Visitors may not bring pets to the Resort. Resident must be present, and visitors supervised while at the Resort.

A guest stays overnight. Age-qualified residents living on-site for more than 2 months may host guests at their RV. Guest parking is available at the front of the Clubhouse. Guests may not bring pets to the Resort. Resident must be present and supervise guests while at the Resort. Guests may not stay overnight if the resident is not at the Resort. Subletting an RV or site is not permitted. Pet Caretakers are not allowed to stay overnight or bring other pets to the Resort and may not use the Resort facilities. Guest fees for adults and children over the age of 2 are $5/night or $25/week. Guests may not stay longer than 14 days per season. With approval from Management, one age-qualified dependent may occupy the RV site as a registered guest for a monthly fee of $175. Residents are responsible for damages created by their guests/visitors. Children may not check-in as residents. Residents may host up to 2 child guests at one time. Residents may not have children at their site for childcare. Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by the host resident at all times and are not permitted to use the spa, or the billiard, computer or exercise rooms or the wood shop.

Pet Caretakers: Please notify the Office if you plan to have a caretaker visit your RV while you are away. Caretakers are not allowed to stay overnight or bring other pets to the Resort, nor may they use the Resort facilities.

Visitor and guest participation in non-fee-based Resort events is limited to one per month. Ticket-based events are available for guests and visitors as posted in Activities. Visitors under the age of 21 are not permitted to attend specific Resort Activities, contact the Activities Department for list of events.

Any variance to Guest Rules must be discussed with management at least 10 days prior to arrival, however, management has sole discretion to grant or decline variance requests.

Guest Suites:Visiting guests may reserve one of six suites at the Resort. Suite rates are based on double-occupancy, with a maximum occupancy of 4 guests, including children. Each guest over two must be registered at check-in and guest fees paid. The extra guest fee is $5/night or $25/week. The minimum stay in a guest suite is 3 nights. 

The Resort provides one suite that accommodates a maximum of 2 pets. The nightly pet fee is $25/per pet, and a $250 pet deposit is required at time of reservation.  Guests with unregistered pets will be asked to leave the Resort immediately, any unused rents are forfeited.

When sponsored by an Annual Resident, suite guests receive a 50% discount on the nightly rate. The maximum stay is 14 nights per season at the discounted rate. After that, stays are booked at the standard rate, based on availability.

Parking & Storage:  A maximum of 2 vehicles are permitted per site, including non-commercial trucks, cars, vans, scooters, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “vehicles”). Utility trailers are not permitted to park at the site. Motorized vehicles are not permitted to park on the concrete pad. Residents must park at their registered site only. Residents are not permitted to park on sites registered to other residents or on empty sites. Residents are not permitted to park for an extended time at the clubhouse. Annual residents may secure a paid parking space (see below). Annual residents may secure a storage space for utility trailers (see below). Vehicles, RVs and trailers may not park on Resort roads at any time. Please do not drive or walk through vacant or occupied sites. Overnight sleeping in a vehicle is not permitted.

The resort offers a limited number of paid parking spaces for extra vehicles, on a first come basis to Annual residents with a 6-month reservation.  Short-term paid parking reservations are available after November 1st, for a minimum of 3 months. Contact the Office for parking rates.

Bicycles, Golf Carts and other Motorized Vehicles: Please observe the 5-10 MPH maximum speed limit and normal traffic rules while at the Resort. Bikes are not permitted on sidewalks or in the courtyard. Please secure bikes when not in use.  Only non-commercial vehicles are permitted at the Resort.

Clotheslines:  Portable laundry drying devices that attach to your RV are acceptable. Lines stretched between two objects are not permitted.

Driving & Walking:  Driving or walking through other sites is not permitted. Damage to utility or water lines will be billed directly to the person responsible for the damage.

Laundry & Vending:  Residents use quarters or the PAYRANGE mobile app when using washers and dryers in the laundry facility. Irons, ironing boards, and carts may not be removed from the laundry room. Irons must be filled with distilled water only (provided). Remove laundry from machines immediately upon completion of cycle. Clean dryer lint filters after each use. Dyes, oily rags and other items containing harmful chemicals are not permitted in machines. Pet bedding and rugs may be washed in designated machine only. The Resort is not responsible for damaged or missing articles. Soda and water vending machines accept US coins.  Bagged ice is available in the Activities during their office hours only.

Mailbox & Mail Forwarding:  Guests staying longer than 30 days may obtain a mailbox key from the Office. Notify the Office immediately if your mailbox key is lost. The key replacement fee is $10.00. All departing residents must turn in the mailbox key prior to departure to avoid incurring a replacement fee. We will forward your mail for a period of 30 days after your departure date. Contact the office to coordinate this service and provide labels prior to departure.  The Office does not process package returns for residents. 

Name Badges:  A name badge is provided to residents staying 3 months and longer and should be worn to Resort events. The badge not only identifies you to management, it helps other residents to get acquainted. Lost badges must be replaced – the cost to residents for replacement is $10.00 each.

Pets:  Pets are welcome at the Resort. Please follow the rules and be a responsible pet owner.

  • A maximum of two pets are allowed per reservation.
  • All pets must be registered when booking a reservation and checked in upon arrival.
  • Management has discretion on breed restrictions.
  • Arriving with a restricted breed or failing to register a pet will result in immediate eviction from the Resort and unused rents are forfeited. 
  • Daily and Weekly pet fees are $5/day for up to 2 pets. 
  • Pet fencing and/or pens are not permitted on the site.
  • When outside your RV, pets must be on a lead that does not extend the registered site boundaries.
  • Pets must be on a leash while outside your RV.
  • Pets must not be allowed to relieve themselves on your or any site or in Resort common areas.
  • Pets must not be permitted to enter other sites without prior approval from site resident.
  • Pets are not permitted at any time in any of the facilities, on the patios near the Clubhouse, or in the pool area.
  • To avoid disturbing neighbors, prevent dogs from barking – excessive barking will lead to the dog being asked to leave the Resort.

There are four designated off-leash areas for pets to be exercised: a grassy area at the southwest corner of the Resort and three gravel areas at the north. Rules for using these areas are as follows:

  • Do not remove the pet’s leash prior to entering the park to avoid confrontation between pets.
  • Keep pets within sight and under voice control.
  • Remember, small and large dogs, and young and old dogs are using these areas – please be cautious and maintain control of your pets at all times.
  • Securely close the gate when entering and exiting the pet area.
  • Aggressive pets are not permitted to remain in the area – if pet becomes unruly or engages in rough play, leash it and leave immediately.
  • The North dog run is available for larger pets.
  • Injured pets or those requiring privacy may use the pet area located at the north end of the Resort.  Please do not disturb other pets using this area.
  • Use pet areas at your own risk – pet owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their pets.
  • Residents are responsible for picking up after the pet. The Resort provides bags and a dumpster within each pet area.
  • Pets must be licensed and vaccinated and evidence of this displayed on their collars and provided to the Office.

Pool and Spa:  Please use the shower provided before entering the pool and spa. The spa is for adults only (18 and over). Pools are intended for swimming, soaking, exercise, and relaxation – NO diving or jumping. Swimming hours for children (under 18 years of age) are 1-3 pm. Small children must be toilet-trained or wear special swimming diapers. Dry off before leaving the pool area and prior to entering any building – wet swimwear should be covered while in any building. Medical advisers suggest staying in a spa longer than 10 minutes could worsen some medical conditions. If you have any medical conditions, check with your physician before using the spa. Management reserves the right to refuse pool/spa use at their discretion. Please review and follow posted Pool & Spa rules.

Quiet Time & Quiet Enjoyment:  Quite time is designated for everyday between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. Noise should be kept to a minimum during quiet time, including loud vehicles, parties, dog barking, etc. All residents are entitled to Quiet Enjoyment of the Community. Violations may result in eviction.

Repairing Vehicles:  Vehicle repair and maintenance are not permitted anywhere in the Resort.

RVs for Sale:  RVs for sale may display one “For Sale” sign. The sign must be placed in/on the front of your RV. If the RV is to remain in the park after the sale, the new owner must meet the Resort’s age requirement. The site location of the RV is not guaranteed to the new owner.

RV Age & Site Care:  RV age is limited to 15-years, based on manufacturers model year. Based on condition, we may accept RVs up to 20 years old. All RVs must be fully self-contained with sewer, water and electrical systems, holding tanks and connections in working order. Motorhomes must have a working engine and transmission and must have tires attached. Decals and paint should be in good condition, free from peeling or major fading. Management reserves the right to reject an RV based on appearance. Contact the office for further information if your RV does not meet these conditions.

  • Notify the Office immediately if you plan to change the RV at the site
  • Residents are required to maintain the registered site, removing any trash or other refuse immediately
  • Only Outdoor furniture permitted outside the RV
  • Apache Junction, AZ requires all sewer connections be sealed and sewer hoses must be supported off the ground. Please use proper device to support your sewer hose
  • Storage sheds are permitted for Annual residents only – sheds must meet requirements and pre-approval by Management prior to purchase and installation is required
  • Gazebos are permitted for Annual residents only – gazebos must meet requirements and are pre-approval by Management prior to purchase and installation is required; consult the Site Improvement Policy for more information
  • No push-ups canopies, tents or tarps permitted at the site
  • Outdoor umbrellas should be secured and closed when not in use
  • Seed bird feeders are not permitted, but hummingbird feeders are welcome
  • Wind chimes are permitted when not disturbing to neighbors. Management reserves the right to remove items
  • Do not allow pets to dig at your site

Smoking Policy:  Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.  Please properly dispose of smoking material.  Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of operable windows and doors, both at your site and near Resort buildings, or inside any Resort buildings, under patio coverings or at the pool/spa.

Maximum Speed Limit at the Resort is 5-10 MPH:  Residents must observe the maximum posted speed limit of 5-10 mph. Please advise guests of the speed limit. Violations will be issued, and repeat offenders will be asked to leave the Resort.  Unused rents are forfeited.

Trash & Recycling:  Trash must be tied in plastic bags before placing in the dumpsters. Do not place furniture, appliances, wood, etc., in dumpsters. Cardboard boxes MUST be broken down before placing in the dumpster. Multiple red containers for recycling aluminum cans are available on the patio.

Washing Your Vehicle:  Vehicles may be washed and rinsed at your site, using an automatic shut-off hose, for a fee of $10.00. If contracting with a vendor to wash your RV, the fee is waived. Please be considerate of your neighbor’s belongings, avoid excessive use of soap and make sure your hose is turned off when not in use.

Rules & Regulations Violations:  Resident will be notified in a timely manner when violations occur.  Violation of Rules could result in immediate eviction from the Resort.

The General Manager has discretion to determine if a violation will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all prepaid rents.  The General Manager has discretion to forego the issuance of written warnings for excessive violations. Meridian RV Resort reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, to terminate or refuse a site renewal, and to amend rules and regulations periodically to benefit residents.

Indemnity & Attorney’s Fees: Management is not responsible to Resident, his/her guests or visitors, employees or agents for loss, damage, death or injury of any kind by any use of the Resort or by fire, flood, vandalism or other casualties, except those incidents resulting from the gross negligence or intentional acts of the Resort, Resort Management or Resort Owners. Residents agree to obtain, at their own cost, the extended insurance coverage for homeowners, fire and other liabilities to protect resident, guests, and all others from loss or liability; RV sites always remain under Management control. Meridian RV Resort is not responsible for any damage incurred or theft while parking or while parked at the Resort. These rules and regulations are provided by and are the property of Meridian RV Resort.