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Four Designated Pet Play Areas

There are four designated off-leash areas for pets to be exercised: a grassy area at the southwest corner of the Resort and three gravel areas at the north.

Each play area in the resort offers plenty of space for your pet to stretch out its legs and enjoy a bit of the beautiful Arizona weather.

Rules for using these areas are as follows:

  • Do not remove the pets leash prior to entering the park to avoid confrontation between pets.
  • Keep pets within sight and under voice control.
  • Remember, both small and large, and young and old dogs are using these areas – please be cautious and maintain control of your pets at all times
  • Always securely close the gate when entering and exiting the pet area.
  • Aggressive pets are not permitted to remain in the area. If pets become unruly or engage in rough play, leash it and leave immediately.
  • When multiple dogs are present, limit play with toys and balls to avoid aggressive behavior.  Instead, use the dog run at the north end of the Resort for large dogs to play fetch.
  • Injured dogs and female dogs in estrus (heat) use a separate, clearly marked pet area located at the north end of the Resort.  This area is meant for exclusive use by these types of pets.  Please do not disturb pets while in the designated area.
  • Use pet areas at your own risk – pet owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their pets.
  • Residents are responsible for picking up after the pet. For convenience, the Resort provides plastic bags and a disposal dumpster within each pet area.
  • Pets must be licensed and vaccinated and evidence of this displayed on their collars.

In the Western Town section of Meridian RV Resort, you will even find a state of the art Dog Wash for your convenience!

For more info on Pet Rules, please see our section on Rules and Regulations.