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Our laundry facility has 10 washers, 12 dryers and two ironing boards available around the clock.


Each site has a private mailbox located across from the laundry room at the Clubhouse. Visit the office to obtain a key. Large packages are placed in the larger, self-accessed mailboxes or may be retrieved in the office for safeguarding. Guests find in their mailbox either a key for the larger box or a notice to go to the office for pickup.


Available for 30 days after departure, first-class mail only. Residents provide the office with properly addressed forwarding labels and/or pre-paid postage packages. The option to purchase a sheet of 30 labels for $1.50 is available through the office. To forward mail go to www.usps.com/umove to change permanently or temporarily.  The Office does not forward packages received after resident departure.