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2nd Annual Three Gun Shooting Event

March 14, 2018 @ 8:00 am
We will meet at the Queen Valley/Hewitt Station Road desert range that we regularly shoot at (follow Club signs).  Practice starts at 0830 and the handgun competition will start at 0900.  Rifle competition will commence at 1000 (or when the handgun is completed).  Shotgun will then start when the rifle is completed.
Prizes are $50 for 1st place, $25 for second and $15 for third in each event.  Each first place winner will have his name engraved on our Meridian Shooters Club plaque and posted in the Clubhouse.  Certificates will be awarded for each place in each event.
Handgun will be any caliber, open sights, any position (no mechanical rests allowed), at 4″ clay pigeons set at 25′, then moved out to 35′ and finally out to 50′ in the case of any ties for the 5 shot round.
Rifle will be any caliber, open sights, any position (no mechanical rests allowed) at 4″ clay pigeons set at 50 yards, then moved out to 75 yards and finally out to 100 yards in the case of any ties for the 5 shot round.
Shotgun will be skeet thrower set at 30 degrees/50 mph.  Ties after each 5 shots, will be set at various angles and speeds over 50 mph.
We will caravan out to the range leaving the Clubhouse at 0800.
Shooters are required to have completed the Meridian Safe Shooters Seminar. Anyone, by word of mouth, that wants to compete, please contact me for a Safe Shooting Seminar to be scheduled.
Anyone needing a firearm to compete, please let me know as I have an assortment of handguns, rifles and shotguns.  Ammunition is the responsibility of each shooter unless you need some from me & you are using one of my borrowed firearms.
Shooters and observers should bring lawn chairs and water.  Eye and hearing protection is mandatory for all attendees.
Bruce “Sarge”

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